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In the last issue, we did a RUNITY running assessment on our Instructor, Mayoly to identify the issues in her running technique. A set of conditioning exercises and drills were prescribed to her for her training after her first session. If you have not read the article, you can check out the blog here. A follow up assessment with Mayoly was done four weeks later to re-analyse her running form.

Check out her progressions and improvements, which I explained through our movement analysis software verbally and through freeze frames in the comparison video. A written summary can be found in the below.



An increase of 167 to 178 spm, bringing Mayoly into an ideal cadence (between 170 to 180 steps per minute), allowing her to significantly reduce the force of each step travelling through her foot and legs more evening through her body


Initial Contact

Where her foot comes into contact with the ground is now closer to the centre of gravity (reducing horizontal breaking force) improving running economy and reducing load through the body. There is also slightly less heel strike (less impact through the heel and foot).


Posture and Alignment

Significantly improved posture when running, a more upright spine and improved use of hip range of motion.



“Runity made me feel better about my running technique, knee and shin pain disappeared, I don’t feel stress in the lower back during and after running, and I can feel other muscles working more efficiently like glutes, hamstrings and abdominals” – Mayoly, Pilates Instructor


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– Runity Master Trainer, Daniel Dittmar



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